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Following on from my reading about José Mujica's view (and way) of life, I have been reflecting on Alan Watt's - Why Your Life Is Not A Journey.



good old Alan Watts
i had an Allan Watts period
there's one of his on my bedside table because i recently came across him again and decided to visit
it's his autobiography

some people might miss something always looking to the end - for others it's a way to get through - life is not kind to everyone
and that is the mystery

Alan had a rather privileged life
James Baldwin is also in that stack of recently rediscovered books
maybe i'll revisit him

i am currently rediscovering Robert Pirsig Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

what a group of people on that low book shelf
But how does one get out of the rut?
i suppose "the rut" is what you make it - whatever it is
life is all we have - day to day to day

looking back from a 50 year (and more) view point - i've had a good life - i never planned it - i just went with whatever appeared
we did the same in our marriage

maybe Alan is a little too grim and pessimistic?

i would not know how to tell anyone how to live
i was in the counseling profession - all i could do was help someone to view their situation more clearly
people made decisions that did not help their situation
but that was their decision to make
i dont think life is not a journey or life is a journey
is important.

The present moment is the only thing we
will ever have x
How does one recognize what true 'living' really is? All I personally see and experience is the rat-race.

Edited at 2016-09-07 19:19 (UTC)
Is there such a thing as true living
i believe this is a concept
life is what it is, and to be calm
amidst the chaos comes
from within, not without.
this is the way i believe
things to be.
thinking about it
i think Watts makes some unfounded comments
he rejects a view that there is an end to be accomplished

but some people want that - they need a goal
"making partner" may seem empty to some but it has meaning for the one for whom it is the goal
buying that sports car may seem mere consumerism but it could mean satisfaction

having enough money to go into a retirement community may seem deadening but some want it

living a life to get to heaven may seem wasteful to those who don't believe in heaven but it is meaningful to some

so Alan, it may not be what you want - you can put forth your views - but it is just one way of looking at things

"what do i want ?" is a difficult question to ask and answer
yes, some people settle for "they tell me this is what to want"

other people ask and go deeper

it's a decision each person makes

some people "wake up" half way through or more and find they don't like the answer they chose
time to make a new answer
there is always time - until there is no more