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We are reminded every day of the dreadful tragedy that is the plight of the poor people of Syria and the Mediterranean for years now. It was brought home to me again yesterday as I was taking my afternoon walk through a business park close by.
In 2001 a group of eight Turkish and Kurdish emigrants - three men, one woman and four children - died from suffocation as they tried to gain entry to the country inside a 12m airless metal container being transported from Belgium to Rosslare Europort a few miles from where I am at the moment.

They were fleeing economic depression but found themselves at the mercy of Albanian human trafficking gangs.

A small garden of remembrance with water feature is all that is left to remind us of their tragic deaths. May they now find the peace they so much desired and died for.


I think the saddest thing about this is that, now, so many potential immigrants are dying day by day that people are no longer shocked or saddened to the extent that they were then.
I hate to think how many people may be trapped in containers because of the Hanjin bankruptcy.

The thing is, with climate change, these rivers of people are only going to grow. People are going to have to examine their hearts because the need is only going to get greater.
Thank you for that. I had not heard about the Hanjin collapse.