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Christians are now being encouraged to reflect again on the whole theme of on-going Creation and on the role we humans can and must play in it. Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ says that all of us can co-operate as instruments of God for the care of creation, each according to his or her own culture, experience, involvements and talents. Are we playing our fair share in caring for the universe in this time of climate change?

The story of the universe suggests that all life, including human life, comes from the same source. So all creation is part of a single community of life and is inter-connected in profound ways. This opens up the possibility of a new consciousness about what it means to be human within a cosmic community.

Wasn’t it Nietzsche who likened creativity of any kind to an experience from God or some other almighty power? He held that inspiration was given and could not just be found; it is just to be accepted and harnessed. Fashion designers, artists, writers, scientists, etc. are looked upon as the geniuses of our time. Kant believed that ‘genius’ was a natural endowment given to a select few but to be truly creative it must remain relevant to society and a culture. Each one of us can be creative in some form or other. What is created must influence and challenge a culture and our own individual lives.

Fashion designers with their catwalks have come a long way from Eve’s fig leaf! Scientists have given us a huge amount of knowledge about the universe. Writers and doctors have given us so much knowledge about our own bodies and minds. May we appreciate them and their creative work.


i live in a rural county
each county in our state had an Arts Council sponsored by the state
in urban counties these arts councils promote the work of art organizations and artists in the county
most counties have one or more organizations - art galleries - music or dance groups - theater groups

we have none of that
we looked for what we have and could do and decided that every person is creative in some way
that we would encourage creativity and acknowledge creativity
we support organizations in our county that do art and local culture related things
we particularly support programs for children since being rural our children do not have access to many things that are routine for urban kids

and we have a local low power radio station!
our is a constant looking for new ways to be creative within an arts framework
Plenty of scope there. More power to you all.
Those who feel compelled to create, do so. Creativity cannot be hidden beneath rocks, but must be exercised. Few creative people, however, could be classified as genius. I rather think, they are compelled.

- Erulisse (one L)
Compelled from within or of necessity? Geniuses are certainly scarce but many, I'm sure, don't get the opportunity or are not recognized. What inspires people? Is it rural or sea scapes, colours, clothes, music, religion?
Everyone is motivated by different things, ranging from the need to pay for their next meal, to that itch my own hands get if I haven't done something creative. As far as inspiration? That's as individual as each person. Some people are inspired by nature, others by music, still others by the written word. I am quite sure your inspiration won't be mine, nor will mine be the same as the next person I walk by.

- Erulisse (one L)