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The march was demanding the Repeal of Amendment 8 of the Irish Constitution which reads:

Eighth Amendment of the Constitution Act, 1983 [Acknowledges the right to life of the unborn, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother.]

Just two of the Pro-choice slogans used in the march.
These images are from Facebook Abortion Rights Campaign  page. An organisation whom George Soros is funding.

How sad and pitiful to see women portray such vulgarity especially with children present.

Sitting members of the Dáil (Irish Parliament) sporting REPEAL T-Shirts!


the young like to be outrageous
vulgarity has always been a political tool
and in an equal world women can use it too

love those t-shirts!!!
Go Dail Members!!!
As I say: Debate by slogan - even in the Parliament!
I was outrageous in my protest when I was young.

You should have seen me at Greenham Common!

It's something the young do and do well.
Even by vulgarity. God help the next generation - if there is one.
Even by vulgarity........

There will be one and the young will be just as vulgar in their protest.
> Surely anything else does not respect the human rights of the child.<

What constitutes a human right is subject to significant debate in social theory. It is more convincing to correlate with personhood and consciousness rather than the human right of embryos.
What is wrong with the amendment as it stands?
Surely anything else does not respect the human rights of the child.
because apparently it can be misused and lead to a woman's death
as has been discussed here in your space before

you don't really want to go there again do you?

which has a greater legal standing and rights - a living breathing in the world woman of the potential but dependent being in the womb?

you know the answers the women here will give you

as to vulgarity
"Honi soit qui mal y pense"
if it destroys no personal honor or reputation
it is a tool
it just is - it passes in the night and is forgotten
What nasty crude slogans!