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In present-day America we see the relative collapse of integrity, honesty, and decency — an undeniable spiritual blackout of grand proportions.

Plato, foresaw this. In “The Republic” — history’s most profound critique of democratic regimes — Plato argues that democracies produce citizens of unruly passion and pervasive ignorance, manipulated by greedy elites and mendacious politicians. The result is tyranny — the rule of a strong man driven by appetites, corruption, and secrecy. There is no doubt that Trump meets this description more so than Clinton. Yet neoliberals like Clinton bear some responsibility for the anger and anguish of Trump’s followers.


i'm glad to see you back
i was worried about you

our election is much more complicated than Plato
and it isn't about "neo-liberals"

the "bug in the rose" is from the republican party"s failure to define itself and live up to it's own definitions
politicians made promises - got votes - ignored the promises

it's about "culture wars" that are losing energy
about fringe minorities that see an opportunity to have the spot light
and about a party and its leaders that allowed a showman to indulge his ego because they had abdicated real leadership

saying no is not leadership
Trump followers can be appalled at the man but they want to vent their anger at a political climate they feel has failed them
that nothing has happened in Washington is largely the result of the decision to block Obama - the decision Mitch McConnell announced in 2008

add to this "Clinton Haters" which go all the way back to the 1990s
that is another very complicated political fight which i am not going to go into
Blanket coverage of the American election for weeks on this side of the Atlantic but I have not seen even ONE in-depth TV interview with either Clinton or Trump about their programme for government. What do they stand for?

Edited at 2016-11-08 12:08 (UTC)
Unfortunately, that's very much the question. with Clinton you'll probably get something quite similar to that which we've already been experiencing over the past eight years, but with Trump, it's a good question mark. Every time people have tried to pin him down about his program, he has switched the angle to something different and attacked. I'm not sure he has any program at all.

- Erulisse (one L)
Trump has no program
it is all bluster and playing to emotions
"build a wall" - "keep them out" - "bring back jobs"

Clinton kept telling people to go to her website to read her proposals - there was an emphasis on education and infrastructure and clean energy producing jobs - and strength with our allies

campaigns are now about sound bites not detailed plans - tv wants scandals and drama
there were a few interviews but Trump avoided them - they are not his style
if one wanted information one had to read
there was a lot in print

Edited at 2016-11-08 22:55 (UTC)
Hi, Arthgarvan.

Couple of links for you:

What Hillary stands for.

Voters like her.