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So Trump is the new President of America.

The West is fed up with Europe, fed up with Politicians, fed up with the Church, fed up with the media!
The media better watch out, the dark clouds are coming your way.

"The West's Asleep", often (but incorrectly) also called "The West's Awake", is one of the anthems of Irish nationalists, harking back to the Young Ireland Movement of the revolutionary mid-19th century, and invoking the indomitable spirit of an even older period in Irish history. It is unashamedly (though indiscriminately) anti-English, evokes a God-given order of things, and likens political aims to the forces of nature. It's final verse is:

"And if, when all a vigil keep,
The West's asleep! the West's asleep!
Alas! and well may Erin weep
That Connacht lies in slumber deep.
But, hark! a voice like thunder spake,
The West's awake! the West's awake!
Sing, Oh! hurrah! let England quake,
We'll watch till death for Erin's sake".