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Poor ol' Trump. Can he not do anything right? According to  an 'expert' in the media even his hair-do is wrong.

He shuns ­professional stylists and even gets his own family to cut his locks! He uses too much lacquer, has long hair and combs it back straight.

It is real hair and it is his own hair – he doesn’t have plugs. The colour is inconsistent and is not done correctly. It is just coloured on top and not done properly underneath. It is matted to stay put.

His odd haircut is representative of personality failings that could be problematic in his political career. He’s been combing his hair in the same way since the 1980s, which shows that he is afraid of change. He wants to impress women and feeds on that. He’s chauvinistic and craves attention.

I must check what my hair-do is saying about me!


Mine's long, straight and sleek with a Cleopatra fringe, so I'll leave you to work that one out! :o)
Apparently not everyone can bring off the Cleopatra style!

I've looked it up: Christina Aguilera is one lady who can pull this look off effortlessly. Christina has an oval face shape, which is the perfect shape for this haircut. The fringe has been left slightly longer to skim her eyes, creating a seductive peek-a-boo effect and balancing out her proportions nicely—this is a good trick for ladies who want to wear this hairstyle and have a larger forehead—keep the fringe long! She is wearing this cut in her signature buttery yellow blonde, but had she opted for the classic jet-black color associated with this style, she still could have pulled it off. Her extremely tanned skin and blue eyes would have created an exotic image on Ms. Aguilera, but the blonde looks just as good!

I don't know what this is saying about her politics.

Edited at 2016-11-12 14:19 (UTC)
As in userpic- not bad for an almost sixty year old I think! :o)
Not bad at all, mind you.
Interesting description of his hair! Never thought about it until I read this!
The hair of the male side of that family is odd. Are they saving all that money so their women can get wonderful haircuts? What gives? Why the odd disparity? I stand for feminist equality when it comes to having nice hair. Maybe the women can get their hair dyed a little less often so these men will have money to go get some proper haircuts.

men !
and they say women are fussy about their hair
He is an embarrassment
It is the media who should be embarrassed! But I think the message has struck home. There is a thunderbolt coming their way.


Edited at 2016-11-12 20:17 (UTC)
You're not important enough for your hair to say anything about you! ;^b
What would you suggest?
Not running for president!
As repulsive as I find Trump, I far prefer his do-it-yourself hair to John Edwards' $400 haircut and rhetoric about "two Americas."
Politicians are in the process of learning a hard lesson.
The hair is the very least of his problems.