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So poor old Fidel Castro has died. May he rest in peace.

Fidel once told the children to “close their eyes and ask God for candy”. The children were disappointed when they opened their eyes and saw that there was no candy. Then Fidel said to the children: “close your eyes and ask your leader President Castro for candy” and then he would give them candy and the children were happy when they opened their eyes.This is how the Communists brainwashed people to worship the State rather than God.

Castro himself was baptized and raised a Roman Catholic. He once wrote:  "Physical life is ephemeral, it passes inexorably. . . . This truth should be taught to every human being – that the immortal values of the spirit are above physical life. What sense does life have without these values? What then is it to live? Those who understand this and generously sacrifice their physical life for the sake of good and justice – how can they die? God is the supreme idea of goodness and justice".

But, like many of us, he did not practise what he preached!  "I have never been a believer, and have total conviction that there is only one life." Pope John XX111 excommunicated him in 1962.

But the Holy See never broke diplomatic ties with Cuba, even though the Vatican considered godless communism its greatest threat. The Church has to exist with systems that don’t agree with it and the Church has forged a space in Cuban society that no other organization shares and the clergy has found a way to coexist with godless communism. In 1992, Castro agreed to loosen restrictions on religion and began describing the country as 'secular' rather than 'atheist'.

Pope JohnXX111, Pope John Paul 11, Pope Benedict XV1, and Pope Francis, have all visited Cuba and met Castro.


i remember having my ear glued to the radio as the revolution in Cuba was reported
Yes, i was a Castro supporter
the whole cold war thing was bad for everybody
the world goes that way - sometimes
but the US held on to to its ourdated polices way too long

but Castro will be remembered - he fought for the people against a corrupt system
what happened to his reform - what always happens in the cycle of history

i agree with him - there is only one life - and he lived his according to his convictions - in that is a kind of greatness
The Batista regime that predated Castro in Cuba was monumentally corrupt and tyrannical and one didn't hear the church (any church) condemning that.
after re reading this a comment i can't resist

if all those popes went to visit him he must have been a fun guy
i wonder what he served?
Good Cuban rum...