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Saturday was a cold, and noisy, Christmas-shopping day here in Wexford. Colourful lights and carnival activities everywhere. Noise, Noise, and more noise! It will be that way for the next 4 weeks.

Yesterday was the First Sunday in Advent when the first candle on the Advent Wreath was lit by Christians and the quiet in our church contrasted with the shopping frenzy all over our town outside.

Tomorrow, Martin Scorsese's new film "Silence" will be premiered in the Vatican! It is based on the novel of the same name by Shusako Endo and is about the ministry of Jesuit priests and the massacre of Christians in the Japan of the 17th century. Do I continue to believe or do I not - a question of real Faith.

Very recommended:



Churches of any sect (or houses of worship of any religion- the local Sikh Gurudawara is welcoming and peaceful) are often a nice place to get a few minutes away from all the bustle at this time of year.
"Silence" sounds excellent.

Although I am not Christian, I've usually found places of faith to be relaxing, contemplative and welcoming spaces for thought.

- Erulisse (one L)
I just ordered the book. It looks wonderful. I love silence, thrive on it, and I don't exchange gifts, so this time of year is a reverence for the sanctity of, and immersion in the darkness that returns to light.
i read the article in my beloved N Y Times sandwiched between one on Reince Priebus and one on Trump's attack on the press
strange company

the basic question - is faith/belief an outward thing or an interior assent?
what is the role of outward symbols?

it reminded me of some people in New Mexico with "strange" family traditions
the traditions seemed to have jewish roots

practices that had "been in the family" and kept on because they had meaning for the families involved
they became the study of historians because while not practicing jews or even associating the practices with judaism these family traditions were passed on from generation to generation, honored and treasured

and indeed they did have jewish roots
forced from Spain these families settled in Mexico
then the inquisition came to Mexico and they fled to the farthest part of the territory - northern New Mexico
there they kept their faith and practices
the centuries eroded the faith but the traditions remained

YES! Step on it!!!
Faith is in the heart
A copper plate is not The Christ - it is a worthless piece of used metal

Edited at 2016-11-28 20:40 (UTC)
Do Americans still swear on the Bible?
Did the Japanese consider the copper plate meaningless?
didn't matter if the Japanese considered it meaningful
they were not doing the act
merely compelling and witnessing

not all americans swear on the bible
it is a symbolic act
some have used the koran or copy of the constitution

in court you are only asked to raise your right hand
which, i suppose, could be meaningless if you are left handed