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I wish our Irish Prime Minister, a confused Catholic at the best of times, had the guts to follow Theresa May's example when she told MPs in London yesterday: "Our Christian heritage is something we can all be proud of".

She was responding to a question from a Conservative MP who asked the Prime Minister if she would endorse a recently published book called Speak Up (created by the Lawyer's Christian Fellowship and the Evangelical Alliance) which is designed to help readers understand what their rights are and what the law says in terms of sharing and practising faith in everyday British life.

There have been concerns among some Christians that currently laws, as well as counter-extremism measures by the government, restrict a believer's ability to share their faith or their views on certain issues like gay marriage.

The MP's question came after the chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commissioner, David Isaac, said earlier this week that British employers should fully embrace Christmas without fear of offending staff who do not celebrate it.

The PM told the House: "My honourable friend raises an important issue which matters to both her and me, and I think that the phrase that is used by the book was 'the jealously guarded principle' of that ability to speak freely... about one's religion. I'm happy to welcome the publication of this report and its findings".

"Of course, we're now into the season of Advent and we have a very strong tradition in this country of religious tolerance and freedom of speech and our Christian heritage is something we can all be proud of.


How is she "a confused Catholic at the best of times"? What (either in general or to you) would make someone " a confused Catholic at the best of times"?

As per the issue of gay marriage, it has been legal here in the US for a while and I'm not sure if they've been polling it since then. However, Catholics tended to be in favor of marriage equality here even before it became legal nationwide.
Our Prime Minister here in Ireland is a man. He proclaims himself to be a Catholic but isn't too clear on the teachings of that Church.

We were the first country, backed by American money, to put the right to Gay Marriage into the Constitution. This was the first time that a state legalised same-sex marriage through a popular vote.

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Ah, ok. I did miss that and swap the gender. But what teachings is he not "too clear" on?

I forgot that Ireland had a vote on marriage equality! How wonderful that they did and that the people had it pass.
All things considered, I'm not sure if the UK could be said to have a tradition of religious tolerance. I guess it depends on how far back you look...

I am wary however of Christians who complain about restrictions on their freedom to speak about their religion. This in my experience translates as 'I'm not allowed to ram my religion down your throat preach at the rest of you heathens'.
Welcome to the Christmas War
Welcome to the Marriage Equality War
would you like our Bathroom War too?

our founders wanted to keep religion OUT of government
yes, individuals are formed by their beliefs and government officials bring that with them (as Scalia so prominently did)
but "us versus them" mentality leads to grief

of course, elected officials have to say something about being "proud of our christian heritage" - they have voters to appease

i don't know what your demographics are but here it's move over christians - there are many religious paths with many followers

the "War on Christmas" seems to have worn its self out
thank you whoever!
isn't it strange that fervent christians chose to call it "war" about the birthday of the "Prince of Peace"?

i had a year when a friend flooded me with angry emails because my card to her did not feature a traditional "christmas scene"
Theresa May shows her usual incomprehension of the multicultural, multi ethnic society in which she lives.

Weekly Anglican church attenders now number less than Im in this country so she cannot really talk of 'our' heritage.

The C of E always was the Tory party at prayer.