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Christmas is a time when children take centre stage. Since 1802 my confreres, Edmund Rice Brothers, have been involved in running schools and teaching boys - especially those on the margins of society.

While we are still very much involved in hundreds of schools across the world as Trustees, we now devote much of our attention to working in advocacy on behalf of children and young people.

Some years ago Edmund Rice International  was established in Geneva to advocate with the United Nations on behalf of children who are in abusive situations. It is an  NGO with legal incorporation and is committed to working for children and young people who are marginalised because of poverty, lack of access to education, legal status, environmental degradation, or involvement in armed conflict.

A good friend of mine from Australia heads up the group and other good friends of mine from Ireland have joined the team recently. I wish them well in their endeavours for the young people they're dealing with.

The work involves engagement with the change-makers at the international level in order to bring issues and situations to the attention of the international community at the United Nations in New York and Geneva as we seek shared solutions to the issues affecting the lives of the most vulnerable people on our planet. The Desk also advocates on behalf of local and international groups that suffer infringements on their Human Rights.

May God bless their work for the deprived children of the world this Christmas.

Participants in the recent ERI training in Geneva. (l-r) Denzil Basil (India), Chris Nhete cfc (Zambia), Dominic Ofner (Australia), Ashtha Pando (India), Chris Glavey cfc (Ireland), Rufina Ushago (Kenya), Andrzej Owca (VIVAT International - an ERI partner in Geneva), Moy Hitchen (ERI Team), Kevin Mullan (ERI team), Bernard Gazire fpm (Ghana), Paul Mutuku cfc (Kenya) and Felipe Collazo (Argentina).


All too often children are the unintended victims of strained societies. I hope these people can help those so desperately in need of a hand up.

- Erulisse (one L)
Hurray! for your group !!!!!
as the Vulcans say
Live Long and Prosper !!
My own line of business when I taught as you know so huzzah! :o)
Excellent stuff. The charity of which I'm a director has a big Christmas project to supply toys and gifts to local children and teenagers (1800+ packages). Yesterday we had a big donation of money and toys from local bikers.