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Brings back memories of my years in Rome.

This year’s Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene in St. Peter’s Square were inaugurated and lit up on Friday evening

The magnificent Nativity Scene has been donated and erected by the people of Malta. It is the first time a foreign state has set up the annual Christmas crib in St Peter’s Square. Measuring 19 metres in width, this year’s giant Nativity Scene features 17 statues dressed in traditional Maltese costumes as well as a replica of a traditional “Luzzu” Maltese boat (reminding us of the fishing life of the Maltese and the many refugees the island has received this year).

The Christmas Tree (symbol of life) is a spruce (25 metres) and comes from the region of Trentino in northern Italy. When it was cut down local school students planted 40 new spruce and larch seedlings in a nearby area to replace trees that have been cut down. The tree was decorated by children of the area also.

Close to the Crib is the Cross (and some of the rubble) from the Norcia Basilica, one of dozens of churches destroyed in the earthquakes that hit central Italy in August and October of this year.



Ah! Such familiar territory! :o)

We'll be going in January this year rather than the around now of the last few years- simply the silly price of air fairs this month with your Jubilee coming to an end.
How lovely. I adore the tree and the creche itself is quite something! I admit I got a bit tired of the speeches, but was amazed at how much I was able to suss of what was being said, even though I don't speak Italian. Guess I have the cadences in my head from other languages which I speak (poorly).

Thanks for sharing this.

- Erulisse (one L)