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Last evening I attended a wonderful candlelight presentation of Handel's MESSIAH in our local opera house. This, for me, was Christmas this year. What a deep spiritual expression in song of the Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection and Triumph of  Jesus!

It was presented by the Lyric Opera Orchestra from Limerick and the Palestrina Choir from Dublin. This choir had its origins in a boys' choir formed in the 1890's by Dr. Vincent O'Brien, then a music teacher at one of our poorest schools (St. Mary's Place) in Dublin.

As the presentation recounted in music and song the life of Jesus I recalled the words of our Leader, Philip Pinto, in one of his talks. He asked "What would it mean to be a radical disciple of Jesus today? We know that Jesus wanted followers, not fans! He did not call disciples to worship him, but to follow him. It is not about worshipping Christ so much as following Jesus. Can we be as radical in our time as the first followers were in theirs? What if, for example, baptism meant that you could no longer be a soldier – because you could not kill? What if following meant opening our communities as places of real hospitality to those who have no one to hear their story? What if following meant an anti-imperial way of living so that we share from our substance in these difficult times and lend money without taking any interest? What if we gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and learned to live non-violently? What if discipleship was taken seriously as we fought against losing our soul in a consumerist society? What if women were truly equal?"

* The Virgin and the Angels by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)


Sounds like a wonderful concert. (And yes, what challenging words!)
The Messiah is always stunning!
what splendid "what ifs"!
i'd buy into that!!!

The Messiah used to be a seasonal must for me
I love "Messiah".Your founder sounded inspiring and understood Jesus" message.