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“You can’t say that!”, “You can’t think that!”, “You can’t teach that!”, “You can’t believe that!”

Polish philosopher, Ryszard Legutko says in an interview:

"All the objectives the communists set themselves, and which they pursued with savage brutality, have been achieved by the liberal democrats who, almost without any effort and simply be allowing people to drift along with the flow of modernity, succeeded in converting churches into museums, restaurants, and public buildings, secularising entire societies, making secularism the militant ideology, pushing religion to the sidelines, pressing the clergy into docility, and inspiring mass culture with a strong anti-religious bias in which a priest must either be a liberal challenging the Church or a disgusting villain”.


This is someone who called people asking for the removal of religious symbols from a public school "unruly brats spoiled by their parents".

I live in a country which likes to consider itself super Christian and I've not seen Christians be marginalized by in large. I have, however, as a more liberal Catholic, seen non-super-ultra-conservative Christians be attacked and sidelined but not really from "liberal democrats".
i come from a Polish background
i know what militant catholicism means
but that's them
not the rest of the world

i am soooo glad i am secular!
i'm glad i live in a country that respects my choice
i'm glad i live in a world where any church has to compete in the market place of ideas
if religion makes you happy - fine!
if you prefer to do without - fine!

organized religion is not necessary to a happy life
many many people are happy without it!

Those of us with a religious faith need to stop worrying about what the neighbours think.

No one condemns me or has ever condemned for being a Quaker and who am I to condemn anyone else for their beliefs (or non beliefs)?