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I had a lovely dream last night. No, I'm not going to describe it! Pity it could not last! All is possible when I'm dreaming. Thank God I seldom have nightmares. In my dreams, I suppose, I become aware of my innermost feelings, desires, problems and successes.

What I experience in my dreams and nightmares helps me to appreciate what heaven and hell must be like. In them I enter a death-like state which sets my soul or spirit free. Unlike heaven and hell, however, my dreams are not eternal. This is with a great sigh of relief, thank God,  in the case of nightmares!

I was reminded of this yesterday when one of my Facebook friends posted a short video of Akira Kurosawa's 'Dreams' in which an aspiring young artist enters into the world of  Van Gogh through one of his paintings.

I have not a great understanding of art myself but I did find this attempt to understand how a great artist sees his work and his world very interesting.

The young artist in an art gallery moves before several Van Gogh paintings. At one point he appears to wander into the French countryside of the paintings. The fields, trees, bridge, and barns are painted in Van Gogh’s brilliant colors and crooked lines.



Artists tend to see things differently- the nearest I get is when I'm in poet mode!
a very interesting film
Thank you!
a splendid book about Van Gogh in Arles is The Yellow House by Martin Gayford

it gets into Van Goghs mind through his letters to his brother Theo and places each picture in its time and place and the people who knew Van Gogh then

i don't believe Van Gogh killed himself
the theory of the accident with the young toughs harassing him fits with the pattern of his life