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I wish  all my friends and readers on Livejournal

every peace, joy, happiness and good health

during this year's Winter Festival.


Thank you. Merry Christmas!
And to you.

I hope you have a blessed Christmas as I know you celebrate.
thank you
that is a very kind and generous way to put it

i still remember the O Antiphons and the anticipation

my cards this year ( i make my own)
say "Love and Joy Come to You"
the words of the old song

Love - caritas - "where charity and love abide there God is ever found"

May your season be filled and overflow with Love and Joy!

Edited at 2016-12-19 15:19 (UTC)
Joy to you too, as you enter this season of hope and peace.

I will be celebrating another Turn of the Wheel, thankful that another cycle begins in this universe. I know I join my prayer with yours and thousands of other people, that in this year to come we may finally experience peace between all beings throughout the world.

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you! And may joy and blessings abound for you.
Merry Christmas dear one.
Thank you! And peace, joy, happiness and good health to you too!
Thank you! You too!