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Cuireadh do Mhuire

An eol duit , a Mhuire,
Cá rachair i mbliana
Ag iarraidh foscaidh
Do do Leanbh Naofa,...
Tráth a bhfuil gach doras                                                                                                                                     
Dúnta ina éadan
Ag fuath is uabhar
An cine daonna?         Mairtín Ó Díreáin


An Invitation to Mary

Do you know, O Mary,
Where you will go this year
To look for shelter
For your Holy Infant,
At a time when every door
Is shut in his face
By the hate and the pride
Of human kind?

Be pleased to accept
An invitation from me
To an island in the sea
Far away in the west:
There will be bright candles
Lighting in every window
And a turf fire
Blazing in the hearth.


totally loverly
thank you

may every heart have a candle
and a turf fire

every suffering homeless wanderer
in this cold violent night
is Mary and her child
That is lovely, thank you for sharing it.