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In our local church here in Wexford we have a stained-glass window of the Madonna and Child. It is by the well-known artist Harry Clarke (1919) and was commissioned by a local mother to commemorate her son who died during WW1.

One of the two-light lancet window (pictured here) is in the art nouveau style and depicts the Madonna and Child. The Madonna is adorned in a shimmering cloak and gown of deep blue.

The other lancet-light depicts St. Aidan and St. Adrian, patrons of the Diocese.


Lovely stained glass work. So many young men were lost in WWI, it's good to remind ourselves of how things can get out of hand so easily when governments get involved.

- Erulisse (one L)
i love it
thank you!
i would like a picture of it

great that it was commissioned from a real artist and not just bought commercially

how both sad and thought provoking that a mother had it made for her sacrificed son

i'd like to see the other window
Such a lovely piece of glass.

We have some fine stuff around here as you know given the work of your co religionist, Margaret Rope.
Thank you for the comment.
Hasn't war produced so many beautiful memorials.

I especially loved your link to the unusual stained-glass memorial to the game of rugby and those who have played the game!
That 'Our Lady of rugby' neatly combines two of my interests.