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Speaking of stained-glass windows, there is a small chapel in the south-west of France (à Larrivière) devoted to the game of rugby! The origin of the small chapel is not known but a Fr. Michel Devert succeeded in promoting it as a tribute to three rugby players who were killed in a car accident near Dax in the 1960s.

A stained-glass window depicting the Blessed Virgin and Child was designed by Patrick Geminel. Below the figure of Mary players are jumping in a line-out and Jesus (as a man) is throwing in the ball!!!

Another window, below the figure of Mary, depicts a rugby scrum. Yet another picture shows Mary cradling an injured player.


What a fabulous concept!

- Erulisse (one L)
Seems to me like Jesus would have an unfair advantage over the other players! He'd have to have in his contract that he wouldn't use any heavenly powers to influence the ball throws or anything.
Ah, but He'd be a true rugby player and abide by the laws. Unless He played in the front row, of course...
There's something very French about that! :o)
Thank you